All of our projects have ICER Global’s customized design:

  • Industrial equipment designed to your needs and applications.
  • Solutions to manufacturing problems.
  • Full service that includes: design, integration, installation and maintenance.
  • The use of the most advanced technologies on industrial equipment design and integration.

Assembly Systems


ICER Global conveyors are designed to save space,and have applications on different industries. We offer a complete service that includes, design, integration, installation and maintenance.

Torque Equipment

Our machines offer the best quality on torque and tension applications giving our customer’s production precision and speed.

  • We offer the option to trace processed products.

Aerial Conveyors

Our industrial aerial conveyors provide a solution for space limitations on manufacture and warehouse areas.

Process Systems

Wire Twisters

Our wire twisters deliver consistent twists maintaining their quality standards no matter the workload on which they work.

  • Operating parameters are programmable to achieve product specifications.

Test Systems

Vision Systems

Our vision systems are capable of inspecting: color, presence, characters and correct assembly.

  • We also offer identification and verification systems for product codes.